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At Bid Catalyst, we help you with more than your bidding process.

Whether your company is new to bidding for work, or you have been submitting bids but not getting the right results – we can help.

Our expertise spans across many business disciplines and niches, allowing us to help implement solutions that will produce great results.

Bid Health-check

To increase your win rate of new work it is important to ensure your organisation is fit and best placed to respond to bids, Bid Health-check supports this.

We undertake a review of your organisation and its current bid management capability. You may possess bid capability even though you may not be actively bidding.

Our review considers business functions and bid specific capability against seven key aspects.

Following our evaluation, you will receive a benchmarked score and a set of recommendations.

The challenges being resolved

  • If your organisation has not bid before a Bid Health-check will provide a gap analysis and help to prioritise actions that should be undertaken
  • If you currently bid but your win hit rate is below average, we will identify non-performing areas and implement an improvement plan
  • A Bid Health-check is likely to stimulate further development of your business and its functions

Bid Strategy

Bidding can be an expensive activity; the right strategy can greatly increase your win probability and ensure effective bid cost control.

We provide guidance to support the development of your bid strategy. We offer this on a one to one basis or as a group workshop for your team.

We advise that a go/no-go review is undertaken as part of, or prior to defining bid strategy.

The challenges being resolved

  • You are failing to submit bids at all or on time, this is most like due to lack of resource, time management and planning. A go/no-go review helps to identify your capability to bid and strategy development provides direction to all aspects.
  • Bidding often and winning little, the go/no-go process help you select the opportunities that you can win
  • Ill-conceived winning bids can cost your organisation money. It is vital that initial evaluation and strategy is robust, such that controls are in place that protect.

Risk Mitigation

Winning the wrong bid can be expensive, it’s important to analyse and control key risks throughout the full lifecycle.

We provide guidance to help support the development of your risk strategy and mitigation. We offer this on a one to one basis or as a group workshop for your team.

We will identify critical risks in the bid, product and service delivery phases; then construct a mitigation plan.

The challenges being resolved

  • Won a bid that has lost money? This is potentially due to ineffective risk management
  • Lost an offer as the client did not believe that you could deliver on promises made within your offer? Presentation of a risk register as part of a submission helps to demonstrate to your client why you can deliver and how you intent to meet challenges.
  • Won bid but failed to deliver the project as envisaged? Was a risk register was produced in the bid phase, was it maintained, transferred and managed by the project?

Bid Response Review

Your bid is nearing submission; a timely bid review will provide a means to increase bid scoring.

Where provided we will utilise your clients scoring criteria mechanism to assess your bid, should such a tool not exist we can develop one. Following our evaluation, you will receive list of recommendations.

The challenges being resolved

  • Submitted a bid only for it to be disqualified as your organisation was non-compliant? The risk review helps to identify compliance issues
  • Your offer fails to achieve the shortlist? Simply put your bid score is not high enough, a review of documentation can help to raise that score prior to submission
  • Your bids are long winded and resource hungry, it’s possible you are expending excess time and effort on the sections of the bid that due do not increase your bid score

Bid Management Training

Provision of training and coaching to develop your organisations bidding capability.

Training packages will be designed to meet your organisation’s specific requirements. We address both hard and soft skills requirements and link this to a repeatable process to ensure a consistent approach.

The challenges being resolved

  • Limited capability and capacity
  • Lengthy bid turnaround times
  • Succession plan challenges
  • Lack of individual and team motivation
  • Poor bid response quality

Bid Consultancy

We offer a range of consultancy services, that will improve and increase your organisations bidding capability.

Our expertise goes beyond that of bid management. We understand how the different disciplines, both internal and external, should integrate and operate.

The return on experience that bid management offers can help shape your business for the future.

The challenges being resolved

  • Limited capability
  • Repeatability issues
  • Configuration and quality control issues
  • Unclear strategy
  • Bid win rate too low
  • Product or service not achieving market target prices
  • Project delays due to handover or mobilisation issues

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