Document Control – Why it is important

Document Control often goes unmentioned; perhaps it’s not the most engaging subject. It is, however, without doubt, critical or you provide ‘chaos’ with a chance to reign.

I highlight a couple of aspects:-

  • Incoming Documentation – Invitations to Tender can contain multiple specifications and drawings. Even in the bid phase, the client can revise and reissue documentation, what could the impact be if a team member is working to an old document?
  • Reviewing the bid documentation – You’ve spent a day critiquing documents, only to find out they were out of date! Time is often a commodity in short supply before bid submission.

Not working to the documentation, could have a considerable effect on the opportunities:-

  • Programme
  • Pricing
  • Compliance

The implementation of simple systems and disciplines can swiftly mitigate document control risks.

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