Get the most from your Web Conferencing

Are meeting tips from the past still relevant?

Well, we think so. Let’s look at ‘Old world – New world’.

  • Book meeting room – Book the web conference call.
  • Confirm meeting location – Have the right login and password details.
  • Know the start time and get there early – Avoid that frantic login.
  • Is the meeting room clean? – What will your camera show in the background?
  • Look the part – Pyjamas may not be the lasting impression you wish to make.
  • An agenda helps to give structure – Works in both worlds.
  • Maintain etiquette – It may be wise not to relax too much for some audiences.
  • Take minutes – Take notes or record.
  • Follow up your promises with action, essential in both worlds.

Consider updating your meeting skills; it will lead to more effective web conferencing.

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