How to achieve audit success

Audits are regularly undertaken on companies to ensure they meet standards such as ISO 9001:2015. Achieving these standards provides your organisation with many benefits, both internal and external.

Often as the lead of the sales/bidding function, I have represented my employer or client, there is a real pressure to get it right. Mindset is everything, approach an audit from a perspective that you can demonstrate the effectiveness of what you do and how; but also be open to learning and improvement.

A mini list of how to achieve audit success: –


  • Make sure your departmental procedure reflects what you do, if not revise it
  • Brief new staff on the procedure and explain how it works in practice
  • Provide staff with the appropriate level of training
  • Ensure access to systems, information and storage, is available for staff to deliver.

On the day of audit:-

  • Have a positive, open and helpful mindset
  • Ensure staff are aware that the audit is taking place
  • Have access to your departmental procedure
  • Be clear and focus on the questions asked
  • Have some best-case examples of your works prepared, should you be asked to provide examples
  • Take suggestions and recommendations on board

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